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Trinity Car Services - The Beginning

Hello my name is Robbie Foote and I would like to tell you about Trinity Car Services, but first a little about me. I am a qualified aircraft engineer by profession and training, however I have always been interested in cars and their maintenance. My mother would tell you that I have been underneath cars from the age of 5!

Although I have had no formal training in car servicing and maintenance, I have kept up with the developments in motor vehicle technogly and last year passed the Institute of Motor Industry Automotive Technician Accreditation exam (service technician).

I am also a VOSA MOT nominated tester (NT), more commonly known as a tester.

As with all good ideas, Trinity Car Services came about more by accident than design. Although I serviced and maintained my wifes (Rosemary) and my own car I became aware that possibly I could do a lot more, particularly as I was working a four-on, four-off night shift at that time.

My first 'job' was changing a clutch on a car belonging to one of Rosemary's friends. She was so pleased when I carried out this task that she subsequently told the 'world'. It was not long before I was receiving enquires from several more friends and needless to say TCS became very popular with the staff of Tearfund in Teddington.

Life is seldom static and the events of 9/11 led to a major change for me as I left the aircraft industry and decided to try something else.

I worked for the RAC for a short while and, while I enjoyed the job and meeting the members of this organisation, the hours were long and seldom compatible with a social life. In fact it was more difficult than working a night shift!

It was then that I decided to go into the motor trade full-time, working first for a large franchised dealer and then for an independent garage. This was great for building up experience and honing my MOT testing skills and gaining further diagnostic experience.

After another couple of changes, here I am now at the helm of my own fledging business.

The services I offer

The services I offer

* Carry out all major and minor servicing,repairs, engine diagnostics, clutch replacement, suspension and steering fault finding, brake component replacement and fault (ABS) diagnosis, cambelt/timing belt replacement, exhaust system and catalytic converter replacement, Battery replacement and most other routine mechanical work.

* Act as your agent for MOT presentation and carry out any defect rectification that might be nesscesary.

* Offer my advice free of charge.

*Collection and delivery of Vehicles

I do not carry out bodywork repairs, welding, tracking etc, however I do know other people in the motor trade and I am prepared to act as your agent in these circumstances.

As time permits I will be writing articles on various aspects of car maintenance, but in the meanwhile if you have any enquires please email me at robfoote@ntlworld.com

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